Friday, 3 November 2017

whats good november?

Huh its already November!

I said this to my friends on the first day of November at school.

   "dah November dah, cepatnya. Next month, December then next year kita PT3" 

Time flies so fast. I wish i can stop the time and could turn back time to the good old days.
Frankly said, i'm very scared for next year, because of that freaking exam. Well I feel very pressured because all of my siblings got straights A's and now its my turn to do well too. Ceh ceh

So some of my final results are out. some of it are very good and some are very bad. But what makes me utterly happy is I got A for Science. To be honest, i've never get an A for Science since I entered High School ni hahahah (ithinkitsfunny) and Maths too. So bad at it. its KBAT. By the time I will take my SPM the KBAT level will be 100%  which will happen in 2020 fuhh. Anyway, so happy!

Other than that, I went to my braces appointment this week. It was okay, Now im fully wearing braces on top and lower teeth.  I changed the wire and get it tightened? I believe and I get to choose the rubber colour and guess what colour did I chose? Orange! just like my blog theme hehe.

What else? oh ya I made my first ever debit card. I have a BSN account since standard 4  then I decided to turn it ? make it? into a debit card!(i thought it is a credit card lol) Tapi entah bila nak gunanya. My dad taught me how to use that Bank machine. I feel like a grown up woman now. Sya dah boleh guna bank machine tu la nak keluarkan duit ke apa oh yeah haha. Kan kena letak PIN number. When the employee told me to create my own pin number I was like blank for 10 seconds, terdiam sampai she said that thing(tempat letak card ) tu ada timer hahaha seriously I was blank lol.

Till next time,
Happy November♡

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Tuesday, 3 October 2017


Assalamualaikum, hi
omo omg im so happy today.
today, we had a programme called  "Happyplate"   by Electrolux Malaysia
it's about foodwaste awareness campaign.
Before the programme started we all were given a number each for the lucky draw session and i got no 119. There were QnA, cooking demo, quizzes and last but not least the lucky draw session!
Lepas tu terus doa kuat-kuat "Ya Allah harap aku menang Amin"
It was so fun. I sat with my squad ketupat , Nadrah , Ain and Intan
Lepas cooking demo tu, ada Quizzes session. I tried so hard to angkat tangan nak jawab tapi tak de confident la , tangah pun angkat half je ahaha and lambat sampai Ain pon marah hahaha.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Tuesday, 25 July 2017